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About us

     Welcome to Peace Eagle Clothing.  I began this adventure to bring trendy, reasonably priced clothing to you, my customer. Along the way I stumbled upon a few brands that were doing more than just making clothes, they were creating well paying jobs in poverty stricken countries, supporting non-profits, using sustainable fabrics and more. These ethical fashion brands opened my eyes to what the future holds in clothes manufacturing.

     My priority is to find products that my customers are asking for and want to wear, but I am also conscious of the companies I am buying from and knowing where and how they produce their products. I want to provide unique items that are ethically made and sourced so you can feel good about the clothes you are wearing and know you are supporting companies who pay fair wages and provide safe working environments. I am starting out on a very small scale so I can see the quality of the clothes I am getting from each vendor to make sure I can give my customers the best experience.  I am hoping that you will enjoy the few items I have and please feel free to contact me and let me know if there are other brands or styles you would like to see!

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